w o r k   s u m m a r y

Drawing from a child and I was always linked to the image and the design, I always knew that I would live on something related to art and creativity.

My academic training could not finish since I had to work in the office at an early age (dependency relationship). But my strong vocation made me work with the dependency relationship (as cadet and administrative staff) and also work freelance, first of illustrator and then photographer, that passion and vocation grew so much that at 31 years of age (leave work in office) and formally began my career as a full time fashion photographer, the transition was not so abrupt because I had been doing tests and books for agencies in my office getaways. But my absolute dedication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until today (2018) resulted in the following:


Make  books, test de new faces, workshop to models, campaigns, castings, Graficas, Composittes

-Dotto Models – Civiles – Ricardo Piñeiro – Lo Management – Rebel Management – Visage Argentina – Premula – Spirit Of Fashion – Toledo Models – Be Models – Anama Ferreira – Jump Models – EP Bookers – Visage Surich Chekka Models – Multitalent – Monteverde – M Chic


Making covers and notes for different national and international magazines.

1- Polo y Polistas 2- Hola 3-Random 4- E magazine 5- Las Rosas 6- La Fotografia Social (España) 7- Mustique 8- Reflex Mag 9- Galera Intelectual y Frivola 10- Hipnosis 11- Clay Magazine (Australia) 12- Patio Bullrich 13- D Mag – 14- SH Solo Hombres 15- Para Ti 16- Shooping Zone 17- Carne Mag (digital) 18- Diario Territorio 19- Nouveh Magazine 20- Catalogue 21- C Heads 22- Mujer Country 23- Punta del Este


List of the media that interviewed me.

Random – La Fotografia Social (España)La Letra Tal VezChaco TV – Moda TV – Las Rosas TV (cover Zaira Nara) – E Entretaiment TV latino ( RebelArte Museo Borges).


List of famous people to whom you take photos in a particular way or for magazines.

1- Lara Bernasconi 2- Luciana Salazar 3- Fabiana Cantilo 4- Geraldine Neumann 5- Soledad Solaro 6- Soledad Ainesa 7- Ale Lacroix 8- Priscila Crivocapich 9- Natalia Botti 10- Zaira Nara 11- Maggie Bravi 12- Luciana Sismondi 13- Lolo Fuentes 14- Alejandro Fantino 15- Miriam Lanzoni 16- Karina Mazzoco 17- Hernan Goldfrid 18- Dominique Pestaña 19- Andre Lopez 20- Maggie Gelblung 21- Panchi Grimaldi 22- Benjamin Alfonso 23- Mariano Martinez 24- Hermanas Bohtlingk 25- Diego Vaz 26- Phillipe Charls Deroy 27- Javier Weintraub 28- Poli Salustro 29- Flor Ventura 30- Jimena Buttigliengo 31- Paola Agostino 32- Bautista Heguy 33- Coty Alvarez 34- Luis Vallejo (clovis) 35- Natalia Juncos


List of the most relevant works done throughout my career as a photographer until 2018.

Graphics for cd of Fabiana Cantilo – Exposition REBEL ARTE in the Museu Borges for Rebel Management – Exposicion en “The Market” desnudos – Graphics for Stand of Dotto Models in the BAF WEEK – Coverage of Backstage in the parade of Maria Pryor – Graphics for “Espacio las Mieles” with Paula Colombini and Flor Salvioni 2012 – Coverage of the fashion show of the designer “Miuki Madelaire” in the television show “La cocina del Show” – Campaign Santa Barbara – Campaign Maria Vazques – Campaign Tarym – Campaign Sur Lacote – Campaign This Week – Campaign Enriqueana – Book of Nude “Timeline Beauty” (proyect Personal) – Portfolio Review en Vogue Italia 2016 – Campaign and Catalog Adorart´e – Campaign and Catalog Caro Sosa – Campaign Oassian – Blue Dott Campaign – Estrada Graphics – Guillermina Schwartz Graphics – Juan Gasparini y Gervacio Larrivey Graphics – Pacha Vip Graphics – Ecuador Moda Show Graphics


Making books, editorials and personal projects with the following top models.

– Flor Salvioni – Teti Melinchuk – Paul Colombini – Bernarda Barreiro – Tati Gassiebayle – Eli Ramanauskas – Josefina VIzzari – Majo Lick – Mariana Coldebella – Natacha Eguia – Mia Flores Piran – Luciana Marolla – Sebastian De Bianchetti – Cintia Van Strate – Natalia Pereyra – Sasha Masloff – Ariel Franclessing – Yanina Vitorgan – Victoria Furnaris – Carola Blaksley- Sofia Rojo – Marcella Bruno – Axel Neri Casaschi – Esiquiel Sisterna – Juli Rohden –  Marina Señuk – Gaston Elola- Andres Risso – Rodrigo Orihuela – Luciano Vittori – Estefania Bernal- Anto Macchi – Alejandra Levin – Nadine Von Fluee – Delfina Morbelli